Many families count on your help. Making a donation will ensure that our doors are always open for families and individuals within our community.

Each donation to FIT has a direct impact on the quality of programs and services we offer with the aim of creating healthy communities by helping individuals achieve their full potential.

All donations, whether cash or gift in kind, are eligible for a tax receipt.

You can make a general donation or you can specify your donation for a particular program.

Many Ways To Donate:

  • Donate Online
    • $25 covers TTC tickets for 6 youth to attend weekly drop in program.
    • $50 covers food for one month of after-school snacks for children.
    • $100 covers materials for 10 girls to participate in leadership program.
    • $200 covers the full cost, including trainers and materials, for one leadership session for 10 youth.
    • $500 covers the full cost of 3 children to attend March Break camp.
    • $1,000 covers the cost of one day of Community Capacity Training for 10 or more community residents and volunteers (includes the cost of trainer, materials and snacks).
  • By Phone, Cheque or Money Order
  • Annual Giving
  • Support A Program
  • Other Ways

Our Success

  • Our Success

    I became aware of FIT Community Service because my sons teacher referred me to their after school program. We were living in the area for over a year, but I didn’t know of any programs or activities for him. He was very quiet and would not talk in class. The teacher was worried about him not playing with other kids and being bullied. It was so much stress for me. I registered him for the A.S.E (After School Essentials) program and within a few weeks I saw my son making new friends, they did a series on Bully Prevention, and even did a whole bunch of activities around how to be a good friend. His teacher said he was answering questions in class now, and at recess he now had two friends to play with. It made such a difference for him. I was so happy, I started to volunteer in the Afterschool program, I learned so much about how to help with homework, even how to play again! I was so proud when he received the school’s Future ACE Award. I know that the staff at FIT really made a difference for my son and it changed how he felt about school.

    - Parent, D. Miller – After School Essentials